Historical trail idea takes off

Coun Mike Otter and historian Joan Langford at the Farington Mill Garden project
Coun Mike Otter and historian Joan Langford at the Farington Mill Garden project

A special trail could be created around Farington to give people an insight into the history of the old mill village.

The Farington Mill Garden project was revealed last year on the corner of Mill Street and Stanifield Lane, to mark the 150th anniversary of the start of the Lancashire cotton famine.

It has proven so popular with residents that Farington councillor Mike Otter, along with local historian Joan Langford, are now hoping to extend the attraction.

Coun Otter said: “The idea is to put information boards up around the area telling people about the history of Farington, and pointing them in the direction of the next board.

“The walk would start at the community garden, where there is already a history board, and go along Mill Street where the mill workers used to live, and to the bottom of that road where part of the old mill still remains.

“It would take people across the bridge to Centurion Way and to the BTR house, where one of the two mill owners used to live, and past Farington Lodge Hotel, where the other mill owner lived.

“The walk would then head back down Stanifield Lane, past the Conservative Club which was the old mill workers social club, and back to the Mill Street garden.

“The idea is there, so the next step is finding the funding to make it work.”

Joan, from Stanifield Lane, has written books about the history of Farington, and Coun Otter plans to enlist her help in putting the information and photographs together for the boards.

She said: “I’ve taken groups on that walk before, such as school children and WI groups, but it would be lovely if people could take themselves around the route and learn about their hometown.

“So many people don’t realise how many interesting things have happened here.”