Hit-and-run boy speaks of ordeal

Still recovering: Cameron Boylan-Davies
Still recovering: Cameron Boylan-Davies

A SOUTH Ribble teenager who was knocked off his bike and dragged under a car by a hit-and-run driver told how the horrific incident has left him suffering flashbacks.

Cameron Boylan-Davies, 16, from Bamber Bridge, was left for dead by a driver who collided with him in Hennel Lane.

Cameron, a Brownedge St Mary’s Catholic High School pupil, was pulled under the front of the car and dragged for several feet, before brave passer-by Steve Dewhurst stopped the driver and lifted the car up to allow the teen to crawl free.

But while other drivers were making sure Cameron was okay, the driver of the red Vauxhall Corsa which hit him sped off.

Cameron said: “A couple of days after I kept on having flashbacks of being under the car and screaming for help.

“I was coming down Cinnamon Hill and there were no cars coming so I was just going to go straight on. Then he came round the corner and didn’t really stop.

“He just started to turn so I tried turning with him and I crashed into the side of him. The next thing I remember, I was under the car.

“All I could see was the floor. I tilted my head to the side because I wanted to see if I could get out but he was just dragging me along. I was just shouting to see if he could hear me to make him stop.

“I was thinking I have to try and get out, but it’s hard when it’s moving. I didn’t really feel any pain then.”

Cameron says the next thing he remembers is seeing a pair of legs coming to the front bumper of the car.

They belonged to Steve Dewhurst, who lifted the pressure of the car off Cameron and allowed him to crawl to the side of the road.

The incident, which happened at around 1.30pm on Sunday, March 6, left Cameron needing stitches in his arms and wounds on his skin.

Witnesses to the incident should call 01772 203203.