Homes scheme is rejected - again

Land off Murray Avenue in Farington Moss
Land off Murray Avenue in Farington Moss

A planning inspector has dismissed a developer’s appeal over proposals to build houses in Farington Moss.

South Ribble Council turned down an application from Hollinwood Homes for 29 houses to form a new cul-de-sac off Croston Road, near Murray Avenue and Moss Lane.

The developer took the scheme to appeal, and the case was heard by planning inspector Elizabeth Ord last month.

In a report following the hearing, Ms Ord determined that the proposal would not be out of keeping with its surroundings and would not significantly harm the street scene or the character of the local area.

However, she agreed it does not fit in with the council’s wider plans for the area, which show up to 600 houses can be built there, and said that allowing the project to go ahead would jeopardise future housing development.

She added: “Furthermore, the Central Lancashire Highways and Transport Masterplan of March 2013 indicatively shows an access from Croston Road joining up through the proposed new housing estate to the A582 South Ribble Western Distributor Road, which is to undergo significant upgrading.

“If the appeal development was to proceed, its layout would prevent this linked vehicular access being developed, thereby potentially compromising the delivery of these important planned highway improvements.

“In summary, the proposed scheme would prejudice the proper planning of the development proposals for the wider site.”

She concluded: “Planning permission for the proposal would significantly outweigh the benefits.”