House of Horrors

Halloween House on Howick Park Avenue in Penwortham
Halloween House on Howick Park Avenue in Penwortham

Penwortham businessman Christopher Walton lives his dream ... each October 31.

The owner of a model helicopter business takes a flight of fantasy for halloween and transforms his home in Howick Park Avenue into a spooky spectacle.

This year he’s doing it to help boost funds for the North West Air Ambulance.

Girlfriend Tracy Wilson explained: “He does his house up and has a donation box for charity.

“He lived in America for a year and it pretty much kick started it from there and it’s just got bigger and better.”

Christopher, whose remote control business, Fast Lad Performance, is based in Barnsley, said: “I’ve always been interested in Halloween since I was a child.

“When you go over to America you see it’s a massive holiday. I wanted to do a little bit over here, then I did a bit more and now it’s a lot. Now Halloween’s taken over.”

That means decorations on the mischief, mayhem, horror and ghoul theme inside and out.

Attractions this year include a themed Frankenstein room and a model Halloween village... all built with the approval of daughter Frankie, 16. The house will be open from nightfall until 9.30pm.

Despite the theme of ghostly goings on, this love story for all things halloween has a happy ending. Tracy explains that the couple met through their mutual love of the holiday. “I met him last Halloween when I went to have a look at his house,” she said.

This year she’s no longer a spectator – but has entered wholeheartedly into the party spirit by helping to decorate the house too.