Housing for Roadferry site is back on agenda

Northgate, Leyland
Northgate, Leyland
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A controversial planning application for a new housing development in Leyland is set to go back before South Ribble Council’s planning committee.

Peel Holdings Land and Property got outline permission in 2010 to build 60 houses on the former Roadferry site behind Morrisons, directly next to the old Farington Business Park.

The firm later changed its preferred access to the site from Carr Lane to Northgate, which was turned down by the council’s committee over complaints from residents about traffic congestion.

However, it was then approved by an independent planning inspector on appeal, who said: “Northgate would provide a more direct and amenable route to the nearby Leyland Railway Station and town centre facilities, rather than the more circuitous route along Carr Lane, which largely serves an industrial


Now, the deadline for work to be complete has run out, so Peel Holdings has had to re-submit the proposals to the council, with the new access from Northgate.

Three letters of objection have since been put forward to the council about the scheme, although highways bosses have raised no concerns subject to the provision of traffic calming measures along Northgate.

Planning inspector Anthony Lyman also concluded: “The council argues that the additional traffic generated by the new housing would cause congestion at the bottlenecks, thereby exacerbating traffic noise, disturbance and air pollution for residents.

“However, given the relatively modest anticipated increase in traffic, and the conclusions of a transport assessment, I am not persuaded that any increase in harm to residential amenity would be so significant as to warrant the dismissal of the proposal.”