Independent music store ‘closure’ after 20 years in Leyland

Townsend Records, Towngate, Leyland
Townsend Records, Towngate, Leyland
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Music lovers have expressed their disappointed at the apparent closure of an independent record store in Leyland town centre.

Rumours are rife that Townsend Records, in Towngate, has closed for good, after more than 20 years in the town. It was known for selling rare vinyls and music memorabilia not available in mainstream music shops.

Leyland councillor Mark Bradley, who championed the shop, said: “If it’s true, it is a blow to Leyland as it’s unlikely that there will ever be another independent record shop trading in the town.

“I remember visiting the shop for the first time as a Runshaw College student in the mid 1990s and I’d admired how Townsend had endured amidst a sea of change in selling music since that time, with competition not only from supermarkets but also online retailers and the propensity for people to download rather than buy physical albums and singles.”

Web users have also expressed their sadness on the Leyland Memories Facebook page.

Hilary Blockley wrote: “Shame! Always used to go to buy my fave chart single or 12” from there back in the day. But downloads have taken over. Times change. Farewell Townsend Records.”

Sharon Marshall added: “That’s sad news. One of the few remaining independent shops that’s not a charity shop, estate agent, or hairdresser!

“Leyland has lost all identity I’m afraid.”

There is another Townsend store in Chorley which is still open, but nobody from the company would speak to the Guardian.