It’s a small world as Leyland guests meet at Queen’s Garden Party

The Mayor and Mayoress of South Ribble with Carole and Rob at the Queen's Garden Party
The Mayor and Mayoress of South Ribble with Carole and Rob at the Queen's Garden Party
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The mayor and mayoress got a nice surprise when they attended the Queen’s Garden Party.

Councillor Mick Titherington and his wife Carole were made to feel at home after making a real Leyland connection.

Out of the blue, they first met a former Leyland man, and moments later, a female army officer with links to the town.

Mayor Mick, 70, said: “We were invited down there, not necessarily as mayor, but the longest serving councillor – that’s the way it works in South Ribble, I was the next in line.

“It was an absolutely glorious day, with a lovely buffet and all that.

“To be fair, Carole is a bit more of a royalist than I am.

“She was getting to the frontline to get photographs and this woman turned round and said ‘where are you from?’ She said ‘I’m from Lancashire.

“She said ‘my husband comes from Lancashire’, she said Leyland.

“He worked at Leyland Motors, I think his name was Rob Edwards – it was at the same time Carole was at Motors.”

Mick, who comes from Liverpool, added: “When she was talking to them, another woman, an army officer turned round and said I went to Balshaws.

“We were able to have a conversation with Rob and his wife but unfortunately couldn’t meet the army officer. We wanted to get a photograph of all of us.

“They used to say Scousers get everywhere, it seems it’s Leylanders.”

Mick said Rob’s wife Carole was from Plymouth and that she ran a charity down there, which lead to her invitation to the garden party.

“He lived in Golden Hill, among other places,” said Mick. “I used to represent Golden Hill.”

Mayoress Carole posted a message on the chance meetings on South Ribble Council’s Facebook page.

She posted: “When I was waiting to get a good photograph of the Queen I got talking to Carole who asked me where I was from.

“I told her Lancashire and she said her husband was from Lancashire. I asked whereabouts and he said ‘Leyland’ I said ‘That’s where I’m from’ and the girl standing next to us who was a member of the armed forces said: ‘I went to Balshaws’.

“There were thousands there and three people from Leyland!

“We managed to get a picture with Carole and Rob (who previously worked at Leyland). We had a lovely day.”

Each year, the Queen welcomes more than 30,000 guests to spend a relaxed summer afternoon in the gardens of Buckingham Palace or the Palace of Holyroodhouse.