'It's about owning your own stories' - Chorley author Alice Broadway prepares for the final instalment in her fantasy trilogy

Alice Broadway
Alice Broadway

The countdown to the final instalment in a Lancashire author’s debut series of novels is on.

Award-nominated Alice Broadway is preparing for the release of the third and final novel in her fantasy trilogy, Ink, following on from the previous two instalments over the last two years.

Alice Broadway

Alice Broadway

The series follows character Leora in a world where people’s significant life events are written down on their skin in the form of tattoos.

Upon death, they are flayed and turned into books of remembrance for their loved ones to keep.

Speaking ahead of the release of the third book – called Scar – Alice said: “I’m feeling nervous at the moment to be honest! I don’t know if it’s because it’s the final one but it feels really strange. It’s coming to an end.

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Scar is released next month

Scar is released next month

“I’m really excited to find out what people think of it.”

Speaking about her inspiration behind the trilogy, Alice explained how she is “really interested in other people’s stories”.

Alice, who hails from Buckshaw Village, explained: “I’m quite a nosey person and like to people-watch, imagining what they are up to in their lives.

“I think social media is good for that as well.

Alice, centre, during the tour for second book, Spark

Alice, centre, during the tour for second book, Spark

"It gives everyone a chance to express and talk about what they are up to in a ‘here’s what I am doing’ way.

“But I thought what if you can’t hide from your stories? We all want to be in control of what people know about us.

“So the trilogy is really about owning your own stories and controlling your own life.”

Alice released her debut novel Ink in 2017 followed by the second in the series, Spark, last year.

Spark saw Alice nominated for the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize 2018.

“It was a really fun experience. I was in awe of the other writers who I really admire.

“The book that won was Angie Thomas’ The Hate U Give which is the most incredible book inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement.”

“It’s a huge thing to be a full time author,” she says.

“It has made me super grateful because not many people get to do the job of their dreams.

“I still feel like I am still learning and it makes me excited about what is next.”

Nerves have naturally set in for Alice, though, as to what the future holds. But she sees it as a positive thing.

She says: “What if it was a fluke and I can’t write after this? But If you aren’t challenging yourself creatively I think people can tell and they know if you have lost something in what you do.”

After Scar, Alice says she is “excited to have some creative space”.

“In the moment I am in the ‘dreaming stage’. I’m currently in talks with Scholastic to plans what comes next. It’s been an intense few years so it’s lovely to be able to sit back and take things in.

“Just going to places like the Harris Museum [in Preston]; I find it a really inspiring place for allowing some chance to plan.”

To recharge and get the creative juices flowing, Alice revealed how there is nothing better than taking to her yellow camper van and “going away somewhere” every few months.

“That’s always how ideas comes”, she explained.

Alice has been overwhelmed with the feedback she’s had so far, especially in her hometown.

She says: “Ebb & Flo bookshop in Chorley have been brilliant. I’ve done school visits and really enjoyed meeting students. I’ve done library events.

“It’s been really lovely to feel as though the local area is proud of me.”

A couple of months ago Alice revealed that a fan revealed to her a tattoo they had got, inspired by Spark.

“It’s quite incredible really,” she explains.

Scar is released on April 4. For further information visit www.alice-broadway.com.