Karen paints a perfect picture of enterprise

Karen Swan at Peppermint Cottage
Karen Swan at Peppermint Cottage

A Leyland woman whose business is thriving is now passing on her expertise to loyal customers.

Karen Swan opened Peppermint Cottage in Hough Lane in October 2011, selling furniture and gifts.

But part of her success comes from the special service she offers, painting vintage furniture to give it a new look.

Not only does she create designs for customers when they bring in items for her to spruce up, she’s now started running special furniture painting workshops to share her skills with members of the public.

“It’s a new project we’ve started this year,” she says. “And it’s become a major feature of what we’re about.

“I’ve always done up furniture to sell in the shop, and customers also bring in their items for me to work on. Some have an idea about what they want, and others seek advice and guidance.

“I ask about the room and the environment, and we look at colour charts and finishes.

“We’ve started stocking ‘Autentico Vintage chalk paint’ now to sell, so people can do up the furniture themselves.

“Then we started holding the workshops, to give people a bit more confidence.”

Karen holds around three workshops a month at different times and days of the week, to cater for people’s different availability, and so far, they’ve been a huge hit.

“We provide everyone with a small stool to work on, and the workshops last for three hours,” Karen added.

“I introduce people to techniques and the paints, and it’s really nice to see people’s creative sides.

“By the end of the session, all of the stools look completely different.”

She adds: “It means that people don’t have to buy new furniture all the time, they can give the whole room a face-lift just by recycling what they’ve already got.”

To find out more about the workshops, email peppermint_cottage@yahoo.co.uk.