Kids dicing with death

Youngsters on the roof of Balshaw's High School
Youngsters on the roof of Balshaw's High School
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Youngsters caught messing around on a school roof have been told: ‘You’re dicing with death.’

Police have issued images of three teenagers they want to speak to after they were caught on camera scaling scaffolding at Balshaw’s CE High School on Church Road.

They spent several hours on the 40ft-high roof.

Police hope that releasing the pictures will deter the culprits and other thrill-seekers from doing it again.

PSCO Ruth Carr, of Leyland Police, said: “This might look like fun, but what could have happened here is quite scary.

“This building is high enough to warrant three levels of scaffolding. This is a big building, with a big drop, and this could have easily ended very badly.”

Up to four youngsters were caught by CCTV at the school between 5pm on August 19 and 8am on August 22.

They climbed ladders and scaffolding supporting the front of the building to get on to the roof.

The scaffolding is in place because builders are working on a new school library.

PSCO Carr asked residents to be vigilant and report any trespassing on the school site to police immediately.

She said: “The youths have been going back there repeatedly and were there for the best part of the weekend.

“They were there in broad daylight and could have been easily seen from the main road.

“What surprised me is that no one called up to tell us about it because the trouble would certainly have been visible from Church Road.

“We are also concerned for their welfare.”

Routine patrols will now be carried.

PCSO Carr said: “The school has been added to our targeted patrol area and the problem has been put on our tasking log, so all officers are aware of the problem.”

The school has also been victim to lead thefts during the summer holidays.

Headteacher Jo Venn said: “The main school building must be at least 30 or 40 feet high, and to play on a roof that high is very dangerous.”

Sgt Michael Porter of Leyland Police said: “We are concerned about the potential danger to the individuals.

“The scaffolding is proving a magnet for youths and presents clear and obvious dangers, both from climbing on scaffolding and from going onto the flat roof, where there are skylights and weaker areas of roofing.”

Anyone who has witnessed anything or may have information about the crime is urged to contact police on 0845 1253545 or through Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.