Lack of dog bins means mess is left in bags

'We need more': Dog bins on Worden Park are not a problem, but walkers want more acorss the borough
'We need more': Dog bins on Worden Park are not a problem, but walkers want more acorss the borough
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Selfish dog walkers are leaving waste bags hanging from trees and on walls in Leyland, it’s been reported.

Residents near Turpin Green Lane are complaining that a lack of dog bins in the area is resulting in owners just bagging it up and leaving it on the streets.

Coun Caleb Tomlinson, who represents the residents of Leyland Central, said: “It’s a very serious issue at the moment, and people are worried about children getting hold of it, especially when it’s being left in bags.

“There are no dog bins along Turpin Green Lane, and people just keep leaving bags on walls or hanging from trees.

“It’s terrible.”

But some responsible dog walkers say having bins wouldn’t necessarily help.

Ann Murphy, 54, from Dunkirk Lane, walks her dog in Paradise Park in Moss Side.

She said: “It drives me mad when people don’t clean up after their dogs.

“The issue is much worse than it should be; it’s very bad.

“There are regular bins in this park, and people still leave mess behind.”

She added: “There should be no excuse because if people can’t find a bin, they should take it home.

“I always carry extra bags with me, so not cleaning up is just lazy, and it’s very frustrating for people who want to use these parks.”

South Ribble Council adopts a ‘zero tolerance’ appraoch to the issue, and hands out fines to people caught letting their dogs foul without cleaning up.

It has now introduced a new waste collection scheme means that people can now dispose of their dog muck in normal bins on the streets, rather than waiting to find a dedicated dog bin.

Waste doesn’t have to be separated from general litter anymore, which the council hopes will help resolve the problem.

Coun Peter Mullineaux, cabinet member for Neighbourhoods and Street Scene at the council, said: “We take our responsibilities to keep South Ribble clean and safe very seriously.

“There are a total of four bins on Turpin Green Lane itself, which people can use for both dog waste and litter.

“We go to great lengths to ensure that bins are placed where it is safe to do so and there is the demand for them.”

He added: “We have regular patrols up and down Leyland Way and Turpin Green Lane, and empty all the bins in that area twice a week.

“We have found that most dog walkers tend to use Bow Brook Road, Canberra Road or Bent Lane, so there are additional bins along those routes too.

“We would not encourage people to walk their dogs on Leyland Way, as it is a main access road very close to the M6.

“The status of the road also means that we must take extra safety measures if we want to do any kind of work nearby, such as cutting the grass or emptying bins.”