Latest Runshaw expansion plans are not wanted by all

Runshaw College, Langdale Road, Leyland
Runshaw College, Langdale Road, Leyland

An objection has been raised over plans to increase student facilities in an area of Leyland ‘already overloaded by Runshaw College’.

Proposals have been submitted to South Ribble Council for the Langdale Road campus to demolish its Borrowdale building and build a new ‘employability and skills centre’.

But one neighbour has lodged a complaint, arguing that there will be more traffic problems if the scheme goes ahead.

In a letter to the council, the resident wrote: “I believe that any further development at Runshaw College should be stopped in an effort to try and preserve the local environment and avoid any further overload of the local infrastructure and roads.”

Plans were passed in March last year for the Borrowdale building to be pulled down and replaced with a state-of-the-art theatre and performing arts centre, but the college later decided that was not a viable project to pursue, so has now submitted these latest plans instead.

The planning documents read: “The college requires up-to-date purpose-designed teaching facilities for training students in essential skills required to secure employment.

“The Borrowdale building is in poor physical condition and makes inefficient use of the space.

“It is unsuitable for the planned purpose in its current form and due to its construction alteration and refurbishment would not be cost effective.”

The report lists problems with the current Borrowdale building, which include broken roof lights, rotting window frames, a poor energy rating and potential asbestos risk concealed within the building fabric.

It adds that the location would lend the new build to potential expansion in the future.

The plans, which will go before the council’s planning committee, also include adding 20 new car parking spaces at the campus.