Learning centre earmarked for 2017 closure

Labour councillor for Leyland, Matthew Tomlinson.
Labour councillor for Leyland, Matthew Tomlinson.
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The axe is looming over the Leyland Learning Centre as Lancashire County Council plans to save £65m over the next two years.

The Larchwood Crescent staff training centre was part of a massive package of cuts announced by the county council last week.

It has been earmarked for closure by March 31, 2017.

Ward councillor Matthew Tomlinson said: “At the moment it’s ‘potential’ and no clear decisions has been made and it’s out to consultation.

“I would be interested to hear what people say.”

He added: “The county council has got to save a staggering amount on money over the next couple of years and I’m sure we’re going to see many changes in the way they use buildings - not just in Leyland, but across the county. What the county council needs to be doing is when we’re looking at vacating premises to make sure other people take them on.

“We should talk to everybody and anybody who might be willing to take them on for any purpose.”

He continued: “We’re still going to be doing staff training and when we put courses on we will still offer them out to ,organisations.

“We have to find other locations such has county hall, or hire out a room at South Ribble for a day.

“We probably don’t think we need to keep the facility here in the middle of a housing estate in Leyland. There’s better ways of doing it.”

He said residents may welcome the closure, adding: “The siting of it has been problematic in the past because it generates on-street parking in residential streets.”

Under the budget proposals, an estimated 367 jobs are to be lost.