Let them have cake at market

Debby Williams at her new cake stall at Leyland Market
Debby Williams at her new cake stall at Leyland Market

A creative mum is bringing a ‘touch of love’ to Leyland Market after opening an exciting new food stall.

Debby Williams, 44, from Leyton Avenue, Leyland, has launched a fancy cake-making business from home, and is now delighting customers at the market with her fascinating designs.

A former St Mary’s High School pupil and a mum of two, Debby previously worked in the pub trade and ran the Railway in Leyland for a short while, before following her dream and starting her business, called A Touch of Love.

She said: “I used to just make cakes for my family and friends while I was a pub licensee, but after taking some time off a few years ago to look after my mum, I decided it was time to try launching my own business.

“I set up A Touch of Love about a year ago and have a website.

“But I’ve only just started trading on Leyland Market every Saturday.

“It just seemed like a really good way of getting out there and getting myself known to the public, without having to open a shop, which is very costly.

“I think this is a great place to start, and it’s still early days, but people seem really interested in what I’m doing.”

Debby’s favourite design, the ‘wonky’ cake, is certainly attracting attention, and she puts out dummies of the special occasion cakes for people to admire, whilst selling individual cupcakes on the market each weekend.

“The big cakes take a good few hours to make,” Debby said. “The more intricate the designs, the longer they take to perfect.

“I really like the old-school designs and wedding cakes, and I go on the internet for ideas.

“Friends also come to me and ask for specific designs for special occasions, so that inspires me as well.”

Her daughter Olivia helps at the stall too, and with wedding season approaching, the pair hope to get in a few orders ahead of a busy summer.

- Search for A Touch of Love on Facebook for more information.