Leyland club in the fast lane

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A new craze is hitting the streets of Leyland – buggies and cars racing around a carpet track at a popular high school.

The Ribble Valley Remote Control Car Club moved to Wellfield Business and Enterprise College in October, and since then they have been running sessions every Friday night.

The vehicles may only be 18 inches by six inches but the activity is getting more popular every week, with more than 30 budding Lewis Hamilton’s racing on the specially-designed course.

Chairman Eric Dunn said: “We were a bit nomadic for the past few years but I think we have already had more success for some time since we came to Leyland.

“It has proved to be the ideal area for us, close to the M6 and near Preston, where some of our members are from.

“The great thing is that we are picking up lots more members in Leyland as well and the sport is growing.

“We think the Radio Racers shop in Hough Lane is helping to spread the word about our club.

“I think we are keeping the children off the streets with a fun activity in a safe environment, rather than sitting on street corners.”

The club started 14 years ago, and they now want a new generation of members to come along.

Eric said: “A lot of children are bought remote control cars for their birthdays and Christmas and take them out on to the road to play.

“However, they can get a bit bored when they are doing it on their own because they don’t have anyone to race against.

“We would encourage them to come along to our sessions and race against other people.

“One of the great things is that we get people as young as five-year-old and others that are 59 like me.

“My kids are at university and I am still going along every week because I love the competitive element and the adrenalin of racing.”

The sessions run from 6.30pm to 10pm and it costs £5 to races.

If you are interested in taking part contact Eric on 01772 493266.