Leyland Festival goes USA!

American Roadshow: Visitors to the British Commercial Vehicle Museum have enjoyed the theme in previous years
American Roadshow: Visitors to the British Commercial Vehicle Museum have enjoyed the theme in previous years

This year’s much-anticipated Leyland Festival will be a celebration of traditions from across the pond - sporting a special USA theme for the first time ever.

The festival, which is taking place in the town centre and Worden Park on Saturday, June 15, will feature a parade of vehicles and floats all with an American theme.

There will also be a special dedication to vehicles from the USA at the British Commercial Vehicle Museum in King Street on Sunday, June 16.

Stephen Bullock, who is a trustee at the museum and was the chair of last year’s festival committee, said: “The whole weekend will have a USA theme and it’s actually to coincide with the American Roadshow at the museum on Sunday.

“The festival was scheduled for July last year, but has been moved forward to June this time, and the roadshow was already planned for the Sunday so it made sense to bring the theme right across the festival to make it last all weekend.

“We’ve been doing the American Roadshow for the past few years now and it’s very popular.”

Mr Bullock said there would be live bands and music playing at the museum, and people dressed up as cowboys and other stereotypical American gear as part of the celebrations.

He also said that having a theme to work on for the festival should help inspire more people to get involved.

“Last year we had floats in the parade for the first time in years, because that’s what people wanted,” he said. “And although we got a great response, we found that some groups were a bit stuck for ideas and didn’t really know what design to give their float.

“Hopefully this will encourage more people to take part, as they have a topic to work on.

“Having this theme will probably mean there are less vehicles in the parade this year, so we will be relying on there being more floats and community involvement.”

He added: “As well as showing off the American vehicles at the museum on the Sunday, we’re hoping the town centre can get involved too and place some of the special trucks in car parks around Leyland.”

Stalls and events at Worden Park on the Saturday will also stick to the theme.