Leyland Live set to return!

Nigel Stewart is bringing the popular Leyland Live music festival back to the town in March
Nigel Stewart is bringing the popular Leyland Live music festival back to the town in March

The Leyland Live music festival is making a comeback.

The popular event, which has been held in the town for two summers, is making a comeback in March next year.

The brainchild of the Creative Network’s Nigel Stewart, the festival sees musicians performing in various venues across the town, from pubs, cafes and restaurants, to shops and churches.

Nigel has been busy working on Chorley Live, Penwortham Live and Longton Live this year, but is looking forward to returning to the town where it all started.

“It was always my hope to do another Leyland Live,” he said. “We’re still developing the model and the concept, and new ideas have come up from all of the other events we’ve been doing.

“For example, for Chorley Live in October, one plan is to use an empty shop, and use it as a pop-up venue for the festival.

“I’d like to see that sort of thing in Leyland as well. When we started, it was very much about the pubs and restaurants, but we’ve also done the Christmas in Leyland events for the past couple of years, which follows a similar concept to Leyland Live, and for that, shops were inviting performers and visitors through their doors as well.”

He added: “They each grow every time we do them. We’ve done two Penworthams and two Leylands, and next month will be our second time in Chorley.

“When we did the first Leyland Live, there were 12 venues, and in Chorley this time, we’re going to have 25.

“When we come back to Leyland in March, I’d certainly like to see more venues getting involved, and I think we will have more entertainment throughout the afternoon as well as the evening, which will be great.

“It’s going to be very busy next year because we’re also bringing back Chorley, Penwortham and Longton in 2015, so I’ll be working on four all together!”