Leyland man jailed over Celine Dion song row

Celine Dion
Celine Dion

A dad-to-be has been jailed for six months over an attack sparked by an argument over a Celine Dion love song played at a party.

Christopher Buckley, 31, of Balford Street, Leyland, punched his former friend after he had become involved in an argument with Buckley’s then partner about singing a “depressing” Celine Dion tune at a party at the victim’s home in June 2011.

Preston Crown Court heard the victim had asked the couple to leave his home but was punched once in the face by Buckley as they left through a garden gate.

The 27-year-old dad from Leyland suffered a broken eye socket and cheekbone as a result of the blow and was knocked unconscious.

Recorder Anthony Cross QC said:” The consequence of your actions towards him have been extremely significant.

“He has suffered both physical and psychological problems and I’m satisfied he has suffered significant harm.

“The sad fact of the matter is you have a bad record. This is not the first time you have appeared before the courts.”

Buckley, who wore a shirt and tie, had denied section 20 assault up until his trial was due to start.

Prosecuting, Roger Baldwin said: “At that time the victim was one of his best friends. Everyone was having a laugh.

“There was a dispute between the victim and the defendant’s girlfriend about the sort of music being played. She wanted to sing a Celine Dion song and swapped the music over.

“He changed it back. She went out into the garden.“

He described how the victim had tried to make amends with the woman but the defendant had told him not to speak her “like that”.

After words were exchanged, the couple were asked to leave.

The court heard witnesses saw the victim being punched and lying on the ground.

Buckley was on a conditional discharge at the time of the offence for another incident which had happened just eight weeks earlier.

Defending, Vanessa Thompson said he had two young sons from one relationship and a baby on the way with his current partner.

She said: “It was a single blow which regrettably caused the injuries that he is to be sentenced for.

“Mr Buckley has lost a long term friend and group of friends and intends to move away from the area.”