Leyland pet shop owner under pressure from big brands moving into town

Mick Greenwood, the owner of Pet's Pantry on Chapel Brow, Leyland
Mick Greenwood, the owner of Pet's Pantry on Chapel Brow, Leyland
  • Leyland’s Poundstretcher is expanding into old Blockbuster store
  • Plans to open a pet supplies shop
  • Independent shop owner who has been in town for 20 years is worried about the competition
  • It comes as The Range, which also has a pet section, opened this month

A Leyland shop owner, who has been operating in the town for more than 20 years, is worried his business will be affected by a new discount store opening just around the corner.

Poundstretcher has announced plans to expand its store in the Churchill Way retail park and move into the vacant Blockbuster store to open The Pet Hut.

Mick Greenwood, who runs Pet’s Pantry on nearby Chapel Brow as well as a stall on Leyland Market, hopes his business is able to overcome the competition.

The new Range store in Olympian Way near Morrisons also has a pet supplies section.

Mick said: “We’ve had to compete with a lot of businesses over the years and we’re still here.

“But we’re really depending on our loyal customers staying with us.

“The Range opened recently and they do pet supplies too.

“It’s about convenient shopping.

“People might go to Morrisons and whereas before they would come to us, they might just go to the Range now or the Poundstretcher one.

“Once that starts, it might have an effect on us.

“There’s nothing we can do about it, we just have to hope that people continue to support us.

“Staff are worried about their jobs. I have three part-time members of staff, and it’s going to be a trying time.

“They’re big companies so we’re probably not in a position to compete really.

“But we offer a more personal service and have a bond between staff and customers, and we’re relying on that carrying us through.

“We have been here for 20 years and I’ve had the market stall for 23 years, so we must be doing something right.

“We’re really depending on the people of Leyland to use this independent, family-run business.”

Poundstretcher has plans to open the new pet supplies branch by the end of April, but will not be employing any extra staff, as existing staff will be taking on extra hours.