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Saying hi to Eric Morecambe befopre our rainy outside broadcast
Saying hi to Eric Morecambe befopre our rainy outside broadcast

In the latest adventures of a rookie BBC radio presenter, my co-presenter and I decided to be all brave and do an outside broadcast (OB) on Sunday.

What could possibly go wrong?

This is actually not as bad as it sounds as we were not so much outside as outside the studio- or so we thought.

We picked the day at the centre of recent monsoon conditions in the not-so-sunny seaside resort of Morecambe to make our debut and arrived in high spirits after surviving near-death conditions on the M6.

On arrival we followed every single visitor and leapt out the car on the prom to take a pic with the Eric Morecambe statue - landing straight into 10 inches of standing water.

Undeterred, we risked high winds to get the shot, dragging some poor unfortunate to take it- not so much bringing sunshine as wind and rain burn in apocalyptic conditions.

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside.

Next to our destination, the Midland hotel for the Morecambe and Vice crime writing festival - which was in full murderous swing when we arrived.

The BBC Lancashire OB van arrived driven by super-experienced producer Chris who rolled his eyes slightly at our newbie enthusiasm and putting his hand over his eyes as we tried to attach mic packs to the back of our trousers.

My co-presenter Gemma accidentally flashed him while I regretted my outfit choice, eventually settling on one legging-clad bum cheek exposed in manner unbecoming of a 40-odd year-old, let alone one representing the BBC.

Fortunately we were in the nice warm environs of the art-deco Midland - until Chris suggested we start the show outside in the windswept car park, which is obviously the glamorous radio dream.

Fortunately, endorphins kept us warm .

So live on air we went, cans on and mic in hand, we explored the heady world of crime writers, who are were all fantastic sports in the face of our cheesy playlist - featuring crime-themed songs which began - of course- with The Killers.

It was fabulous and we’d do it again in a heartbeat - somewhere warmer.

You can listen back to the show HERE

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