Longmeanygate still closed - one year on

The crash which killed drunk driver Geoffrey Gill on April 5 last year
The crash which killed drunk driver Geoffrey Gill on April 5 last year

A Leyland road which closed a year ago is not likely to open any time soon, as parties are still at loggerheads over a destroyed home on the street.

South Ribble Council has taken homeowners Stuart Duffield and Lindsay Cavanagh to court as it seeks an order to demolish part of their property.

Longmeanygate has been closed since a fatal accident on April 5 last year, when a drunk driver crashed into the converted barn.

The council argues that the building is not safe and needs to be part-demolished.

Once that is done, the road will be able to re-open, as the steel bars currently used to prop up the house extend across both lanes of the road.

Mr Duffield says he is waiting for the insurance money to be paid out before any work is done.

A directional court hearing was first held in February after the council took action, but the judge adjourned the case until last week.

It was hoped a solution could be reached by then, but the case is now going to a final hearing at Preston Magistrates Court at the end of May.

The application applied for by the council states that ‘the defendant shall be required to execute such work as may be necessary to obviate the danger or, if he shall so elect, to demolish the dangerous part of the building and remove any rubbish resulting from the demolition.’