Lucy waives right to anonymity to expose rapist

Rape victim Lucy Walsh, 26,  from Leyland who has waived her anonymity to talk about her ordeal, with mum Kay, 50
Rape victim Lucy Walsh, 26, from Leyland who has waived her anonymity to talk about her ordeal, with mum Kay, 50

Brave rape victim Lucy Walsh has spoken out as an investigation to net a third man accused of attacking her continues.

Lucy, from Leyland, is reeling from appeal judges’ recent decision to reduce the 16-year jail terms of, Mohammed Ibrahim, now 24, and Rezgar Nouri, now 27, to 12 years on appeal – meaning the rapists will be free in 2017.

Now the former Wellfield High School student is determined to see the third suspect, Kurdish national Araz Latif Najmaden, 22, arrested.

She said: “The reason I’ve waived my anonymity is to publicise his picture as much as possible.

“I am a home girl and love being at home with my family but I had to emigrate because I couldn’t cope.

“It is a life sentence for me and my family.”

Lucy had been out with her brother and his friends on June 26, 2011, in Preston, but decided to stay out when they left The Loft nightclub, because she knew people in there.

She left at around 4am and walked down Fishergate to get a taxi from the railway station.

The last thing she remembers is reaching Debenhams.

CCTV shows a gang approaching her. A short time later she was taken to a flat where she was brutally attacked. She remembers waking up in the dirty flat to find herself pinned to the floor.

Over the next two hours, all three men took it in turns to attack her.

Lucy, who was seriously injured during the attack, was finally thrown out on the street.

She started crawling towards the railway station on her hands and knees.

After being ignored by several people, Matthew, a 21-year-old who had been out with his friends, came to her aid, comforting her before calling the police.

Lucy was taken to the SAFE Centre to be examined.

Mum Kay, 50, said: “She was covered in bruises from being dragged and held down. She looked like a 90-year-old woman.

“But before she could go home she had to be taken back to the scene to identify the house. She was begging to go home, but helped police identify a flat with a green door.”

Then the harrowing task began of telling family and friends what had happened.

Lucy, who now works as a nanny in Canada, said: “I’m lucky I have a close family, I can’t imagine what it is like for victims who don’t.

“I would probably be dead in a gutter somewhere.

“I turned to drink and drugs. I was in self destruct mode, playing chicken with my life. I blamed myself.

“I have no doubt he will be caught – they have his name and fingerprints and DNA; it’s just a case of finding him.

“The police said it is like a needle in a haystack which is why its important people look at his picture.

“It’s not just a life sentence for me, it’s something that affects the rest of the family.”

Anyone with details on Araz Latif Najmaden should call police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.