Man abducted young children

Vrujeshkumar Pate
Vrujeshkumar Pate
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A man who abducted two young boys whilst delivering takeaway leaflets on their estate will be deported to India after serving a four month jail term.

Vrujeshkumar Patel, 24, who gave his address as a flat in Preston Road, Blackburn, took the brothers, aged four and six, without lawful authority or reasonable excuse from outside an address in Leyland on September 29 last year.

They were found near woodland half a mile from their home.

Appearing at Preston Crown Court for a 15-minute hearing Patel, who was dressed in a grey T-shirt and navy blue tracksuit bottoms, spoke to confirm his name and his guilty plea to both counts of abduction through a Hindi interpreter.

Prosecuting, Mr Andrew Cresswell said he had overstayed his visa. The court heard the two boys, who cannot be named for legal reasons, were playing in a car park outside their home.

Mr Cresswell said: “The mother of the two boys was in the family home doing some laundry. Her sons were outside in a small car park playing. At 2.15pm that day she went out and they had gone.

“She left the property in search of her sons. Their elder sister arrived home, contacted her mother and her mother informed her she was looking for her brothers.

“The older sister helped find the two boys who were half a mile away near some woodland.

“The boys told their mother they had been helping a man post leaflets through letter boxes on the estate where they lived. Police were contacted and the defendant was arrested at a bus stop.

“He was interviewed and stated he felt uncomfortable about the boys being with him but he accepted he continued allowing them to be with him posting leaflets and he didn’t want to disappoint them.”

Judge Andrew Woolman said: “It is a criminal offence to allow young children to come with you a distance away from their family home and away from their parent or guardian and they were away from them for around an hour. I’m quite sure their mother was panicking that something dreadful had happened to them, and that’s the reason his offence exists.”