Man punched through window over ‘flashing’

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A dad ran up behind a car and punched the back windscreen after his pregnant girlfriend told him she had been flashed at, a court was told.

Adam Dagnall, 25, of Dawbers Lane, Euxton, smashed the back window of the Volvo car on the car park of the Londis store, in Canberra Road, Leyland.

Magistrates in Leyland heard that at around 8pm on October 18 last year, the driver of the car pulled up to the shop and a friend of his got out and went inside.

Stephen Burns, prosecuting, said that as his friend was in the shop, the driver himself “felt a bit bemused” when he saw a couple come out of the store and the man was staring at him.

And when the driver’s friend came out of the shop and got back into the car, he told his friend he could see a man running at the back of the car.

“Very much to (the driver’s) astonishment, that male comes up to the back of the car and punches through the rear windscreen, smashing it completely,” said Mr Burns.

He said that police actually dealt with the matter through a conditional caution, which required that Dagnall pay the car owner £473.53 for the repairs.

But the cash was not paid before the deadline, meaning the matter had been brought before the courts, magistrates were told.

Natalie Darwen, defending, said Mr Dagnall had been told by his girlfriend that a man in the car had exposed himself to her.

“He accepts that he banged on the window to try and get him to stop and that caused it to smash,” she said.

“He did not witness anything, he was reacting to his girlfriend who was very upset.”

She said he had not paid the money for the repairs in time because, as the couple were preparing for the birth of their child, he could not get the money together in time.

Magistrates told Dagnall, who admitted damaging the window, that he had put the driver through the “trauma of someone, out of the blue on a dark night in October, knocking out his back window.”

“Whatever the circumstances, taking the law into your own hands, which is what you did, is against the law and there is no excuse for it,” the chairman of the bench told him.

He was conditionally discharged for a year and told to pay a total of £573.53 compensation.