Matilda home for Christmas

Matilda Moffatt during a trip to London, with mum Melanie and step-dad Steven Brain
Matilda Moffatt during a trip to London, with mum Melanie and step-dad Steven Brain
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After a whirlwind few weeks of meeting the stars of Strictly Come Dancing and her personal favourite, Peppa Pig, Leyland youngster Matilda Moffatt is looking forward to a normal Christmas at home with her family.

The four-year-old has spent the last few weeks in London to see if she qualifies to take part in a medical trial to fight the rare genetic condition, late infantile CLN2 disease.

Symptoms include losing the ability to see and walk, so her mum Melanie is fund-raising to make adaptations the house, and hopefully raise enough money to one day take Matilda to Disney World, while she can still enjoy it.

“She had a brain scan last week but there are still a few more tests she needs to go through to see if she can be part of this trial,” Melanie said. “We’re just looking forward to having a normal Christmas at home now.”

Matilda, who was only diagnosed with the condition a few weeks ago, has been in hospital since September, but Melanie says she will be able to spend Christmas Day at home.

“We’re going to the Midge Hall for a meal with about 20 family members on Christmas Eve,” she said. “Matilda loves it there.

“We’re also expecting a visit from Peppa Pig on Christmas Eve, and she recently met people from Strictly Come Dancing when in London.

“They were filming for the Christmas special, so she might even be on TV on Christmas Day.

“We also got an invite to 10 Downing Street with Samantha Cameron.

“They were having a Christmas party for children with disabilities, and Santa was there with his reindeer.”

She added: “Matilda really enjoyed herself in London. We went to Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland.

“We took her on the rides, and it was nice to see her smile so much.

“We’re just all looking forward to a normal Christmas Day.”

The family need around £10,000, and have so far collected £5,500 from donations.

If you would like to help, visit