Mini quad bike noise nuisance

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Adults riding mini quad bikes around the streets of Leyland are causing a nuisance for residents.

Police in Moss Side say they’ve noticed an increase in people riding the mini-motors around the area, and have issued warnings to those who use them on private land.

PC Dave Gaskill said: “We are aware of the problem, and we receive a couple of calls each week from residents complaining about it, particularly about the noise the bikes generate.

“The main issue seems to be on the old Leyland Motors test track near the Robin Hey estate, which is private land.

“I think they’re riding the bikes through the residential estates to get there.”

PC Gaskill said it’s not actually illegal for people to ride the bikes on the roads, and drivers don’t even need to wear helmets, but it’s illegal for them to go on footpaths or private land.

“We’ve issued two warnings in the last month to people on the old test track,” he said. “If anyone is found riding those particular quad bikes again, we can confiscate the vehicles.”

He added: “It’s something which appeals to a wide age range. In the past, we’ve had issues with young people riding mini motor bikes, but the quad bikes seem to be more popular with adults.

“These type of hobbies turn up at this time of year, and complaints in Moss Side started to arise in March.”

One resident, who lives near Robin Hey, said: “More people are going out on the mini quad bikes now that the weather’s improving, but I’ve seen some riding on the pavements and it’s really dangerous.”

The woman, who does not want to be named, added: “The noise is really loud and annoying too, and they go out at all times of day.”