‘Monster stole my childhood’

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Victim of vile sex beast speaks out after jailing

“Social services placed me with a monster who stole my childhood and ruined my life.”

Those are the chilling words of a former South Ribble woman who suffered more than 10 years of sexual abuse at the hands of the man who fostered then adopted her.

Rachel Adie, 33, has waived her right to anonymity as the victim of a sex offence to speak out after Eric Adie, 72, was caged for 11 years after being convicted of 11 sex attacks on children, including attempted rape and indecency with a minor.

She said: “He is a wicked, wicked person who destroyed my life.

“He was supposed to be my second chance in life.

“He acted like he was such a saint for taking in a child like me but behind closed doors he was doing this to me.

“I’ve been through hell because of him but it is not my shame to carry any more.”

Rachel, whose disabled son died last year, first came into contact with Adie as an 18-month-old baby after she was taken form her natural mother by social services in Rochdale in the late 1970s.

Lancashire County Council and Rochdale Council placed her in the care of Adie and his wife, who were living in Lostock Hall.

Rachel’s earliest memories are of the pervert sneaking into her bedroom when she was three years old to attack her as she slept.

The family later moved to Surrey and the vile sexual assaults took place repeatedly for around 10 years.

When she was seven Adie and his wife adopted her. By this time her education and behaviour had started to deteriorate in rebellion against the persistent attacks.

By the time she was 11, Rachel says she started barricading her bedroom door with drawers and chairs to stop the monster from creeping into her room in the middle of the night to carry out his attacks. At one point, she installed a metal bolt on the door to protect herself.

As an adolescent, the family moved back to Lancashire and lived in a bedsit.

“I ran away umpteen times,” Rachel said. “Social services were involved at every stage but they never caught what was going on.

“I really feel like they have failed me miserably at every stage since I was born - somebody should have done something.

“I was totally out of control. I didn’t know what to do or who to go to.

“He (Adie) said nobody would believe a child like me if I told anyone what was really going on. He said I’d be taken away and put in a home. I had nobody.”

At age 17, Rachel ran away from home for the last time.

Later, while living in Surrey, where Adie and his wife had moved back to, Rachel said she was constantly in fear of bumping into her tormentor.

She said: “When I used go into town I would scan the car parks for his car to make sure I wouldn’t bump into him. If his car was there I would go somewhere else.

“I would see him sometimes in the queue at the bank or in shops and I couldn’t face it.”

As an adult, as she struggled to raise her disabled son Joseph, who was born with West Syndrome, a rare epileptic condition. Joseph died from his disabilities last January - aged nine.

Rachel, who now lives in Surrey, said: “I’ve been to hell and back.”

Adie, who was last living in the Surrey village of Fernhurst, was convicted of attacking other female children, in addition to Rachel, at Guildford Crown Court earlier this month.

The two other victims, both now adults, also gave evidence against him in court.

One victim, now 21, said the retired taxi driver enticed her into a wooded area in Hertfordshire on the pretence of looking for some flowers before attacking her.

Another victim, now 22, sobbed as she told the court how she was 10 when Adie attacked her after asking her to take his dogs out for a walk.

Although convicted of 11 offences, Judge Neil Stewart told the court the charges were ‘specimen charges’ and represented a fraction of the number of crimes he may have actually committed.

Rachel, who still bears the surname of the man who made her life hell, said: “This man was clearly a predator. Who knows how many lives he ruined.

“I was placed in this man’s care and dragged around the country being abused. I refuse to be a victim any more. He took my childhood but he won’t take the rest of my life too.”

Rochdale Council and Lancashire County Council, which were both involved in the provision of care for Rachel, said they were unable to comment specifically on the case.