More parking is needed as park visits increase

Worden Park car park
Worden Park car park
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A expansion of Worden Park’s busy car park is ‘worth looking in to’, the council has said.

Leyland councillors have spoken out about the need to expand the car park at the award-winning park.

Lowerhouse councillor Fred Heyworth said: “We’re still having parking problems on Parkgate Drive from park users, and it’s over spilling onto Royal Avenue.

“I’d like to ask the council to extend the car park.

“We do have an overflow car park sometimes, but why not make it permanent?”

Leyland St Mary’s councillor, Phil Hamman, added: “We have a similar problem on the Worden estate. When the overflow car park is available when the weather is suitable, there isn’t a problem.

“It seems the park is such a success that we’ve created a problem for ourselves.

“I don’t know if we can look at making that overflow car park more permanent.

“I wouldn’t want to see a lot of Tarmac, but maybe something more suitable like gravel.”

Coun Peter Mullineaux, cabinet member for neighbourhoods and street scene, responded: “We can only use the overflow car park when the weather is dry, so it is worth looking into improving that area.

“Maybe it could be a project for the My Neighbourhood Forum.”