Most eateries in town get a clean bill of health

Mario the owner of Ocean Fish and Chips
Mario the owner of Ocean Fish and Chips

Leyland’s restaurants, takeaways, pubs, cafes and supermarkets have again been under the spotlight for food hygiene standards.

Overall the town has seen a huge improvement, with just four establishments awarded bottom-of-the-rung one star ratings and two places given two stars.

A handful of places moved up from the unaccpetable one and two star ratings into satisfactory or above.

One establishment which made considerable improvement was Capsicum, in Chapel Brow.

It’s previous rating was one star but a recent inspection rated Waseen and Asim Wajid’s business at three stars.

Asim said: “We are clearly improving now but we felt the one-star rating we were awarded last time was unfair so we asked for another visit.

“We managed to get one and were awarded three stars, it shows the hard work we put in.

“Next year we are looking to move up to a four-star rating and the year after we want five stars.”

One eatery to reach the five-star level was Ocean Fish and Chips in Dunkirk Lane.

The shop, which is sited next to Moss Side Community Centre, prides itself on its hygiene rating.

Owner Mario said: “I’ve been in my new location now for two and a half years, I’ve been involved with chip shops for a number of years.

“I previously run the Leyland Fish bar for 10 years so I know what to expect when the hygiene inspectors come around.

“For the ratings you need to respect yourself and the customer. It needs to be clean and of high quality.

“I’m buying the most expensive stuff to make my shop the best, all my fish is fresh and I have top-quality potatoes. People want good quality and something for their money.

“Each year we are checked by the hygiene inspectors, I would welcome the council to inspect whenever they like as my place is always clean.”

n Some establishments in Leyland which have been given three or more stars in previous years have not been inspected in the last 12 months.