Motorist’s fury over Aldi parking sign

Mr Brian Lees next to his car a Kia Sedona
Mr Brian Lees next to his car a Kia Sedona
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A furious motorist is refusing to shop at Aldi again after being slapped with a £70 parking fine at their Leyland store.

Brian Lees says a camera that records vehicles using the car park failed to record him leaving 15 minutes after arriving.

The Aldi car park sign

The Aldi car park sign

According to ParkingEye, who operate the car park, Mr Lees, who arrived at 12.53pm at the Towngate store, is said to have left more than five hours later at 6.30pm.

A sign shows parking is limited to one-and-a-half hours with no return within four hours. Though Mr Lees appealed to both Aldi and ParkingEye and won - having his fine quashed - he says the issue “goes far beyond that”.

He fears many other motorists at the store are just coughing up fines they should not be getting.

Self-employed businessman Mr Lees, a married father of five, of Cumberland Avenue, Leyland, explained: “I had gone there just after twelve noon shopping to get food and supplies to put on a little party for one of my friends Nick who is disabled.

“Later that day I had returned to get more supplies and things that I had forgotten.

“My wife was away that week taking a break from our five children, one of which has asperges and can be particularly challenging. I work mainly weekends so it did not interfere with my work.

“I did the school run in the morning. Our youngest is only five and then we have twins of nine, running them to Seven Stars school in Leyland, the

older two going to high school. Then again, just after 3pm returning to pick them up from school.

“Obviously, I do this in my car as it is more practical and means I can be there for

our older children who will have returned from high school.

“According to Parking Eye who own the land that we all assume to be Aldi’s parking spot, I arrived at 12.53.10 on June 22 and left at 18.30.01 time stamped and using ANPR.

“What it didn’t show was my leaving approximately 15 minutes after the first arrival, 12.53 and then my return to the store just after 6pm at night.”

Mr Lees said he was actually unaware of the “no return within four hours” and had been going back to the store within that time for years.

He said the sign is high up and not easy to read.

“I’m actually aggrieved about the four hours really I think it’s absolutely disgusting.”

He says: “Parking Eye are well aware of these problems and choose to ignore them in the hopes that people will just pay up rather than argue that they have not done anything wrong.

“It’s no good Aldi claiming it’s nothing to do with them, I can assure them if enough people vote with their feet as I will they will have to take this seriously.”

A ParkingEye spokesperson, said: “Unfortunately, a parking charge was issued in error. The charge has been cancelled and a letter of confirmation has been sent.

“We encourage people who have received a parking charge to appeal if they think there are mitigating circumstances, and instructions about how to do this are detailed on all communications and on our website.”

An Aldi spokesperson said: “We have a car park management system in place to ensure customers can find a space when they visit our stores.

“We cancelled this fine as soon as we were made aware and would always encourage customers to contact us if they believe they have been incorrectly charged.”