Mum’s snub in same school plea

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A Leyland mum has vowed to fight on despite being told that her two children have been denied places at the same school.

Pauline Reucroft of Nookfield, Leyland, has just moved back from Dubai where she was living for the past two years with son James, seven and daughter Robyn, four.

James previously attended Moss Side County Primary School and was offered a place at the school on his return.

But the family were upset to find their application to get Robyn into the same school had been turned down on appeal by Lancashire County Council.

Pauline has since taken the case to the Government Ombudsmen, which looks at complaints against councils, and been told she will not win her battle.

The mum-of-two says she would rather home-school her daughter than face a 30 minute walk to St Anne’s Catholic Primary, her third choice, while also taking James to Moss Side.

She said: “I am really disappointed. I feel like it is a matter of policy that if you have a child at one school then the sibling should get in too.

“Robyn will not be going to school this week with all of her friends. It is heartbreaking. I am so annoyed.”

The ombudsmen maintained that while there had been some administrative errors by the council in processing the application, including sending an appeal letter to the wrong address, Pauline still had the opportunity to present her case at appeal and so they would take no further action.

Pauline said: “Robyn was getting excited about going to big school with her brother. She doesn’t quite understand what has happened yet.

“She is going to be home-schooled in the hope that a child at Moss Side drops out before she turns six in April. I feel so strongly about it that I have tried everything.I will write to David Cameron too.

“When it affects your children you will do anything.”

In reaching a final decision, the Ombudsmen said: “Whilst I recognise that Mrs Reucroft had a very short time in which to put her case together, she provided a very clear and comprehensive submission for the panel which it recieved in good time and considered.

“I therefore do not consider that she was significantly disadvantaged by the error.”