‘My thanks to mystery woman’

Bad break: Ralph Bungay
Bad break: Ralph Bungay
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A Leyland man is looking for the mystery woman who helped him when he fell and broke his leg in three places.

Ralph Bungay was walking down Balshaw Road, Leyland, when he slipped in bad weather and broke his right leg, which meant he had to have three pins fitted to repair the injury.

The 55-year-old, who had never broken a bone before the incident, was helped to his feet by a passer-by, who alerted neighbours and helped him to hospital.

He said: “I’d been to the local paper shop and was walking back to my house, also on Balshaw Road, when I fell badly.

“It was the Saturday just before Christmas when we had all the snow. It felt soft underfoot, so I didn’t think it would be too bad. But it was icy underneath.

“I fell and was in a lot of pain. I tried to get up, but I couldn’t.”

Engineer Ralph, who now faces being out of work for up to three months, enlisted the help of a woman walking by. She lifted him on to a wall before trying to call family members for help, and eventually walked down the road to find one of his neighbours. He said: “I’m just really thankful. I was in shock and there was no-one else around, so it’s a good job she came along.

“I asked if she could help and thankfully, because I don’t live too far away, she went down to my neighbour’s house and knocked on the door. My neighbour then cleared the snow off his car and came to get me.”

Ralph was taken to Chorley and South Ribble Hospital, where he underwent scans that showed he had broken his leg in two places. He was then transferred to Royal Preston Hospital, where doctors confirmed the bad news.

Ralph was kept in hospital for a week and underwent surgery where he had pins inserted into his leg.

He said: “I got home from hospital on Christmas Eve and even though I’m back home I can’t do anything. I’m just sat in bed.

“I have a cast on now and the doctors told me they don’t want me to put any weight on it.

“I know the woman had a child with her, but I was in so much pain and shock that I can’t remember anything more about her.

“I don’t know what she looked like or what she was wearing, but I’m very grateful for her help.”

Are you the mystery passer-by? Call Charlotte Wareing on 01257 264911 or email charlotte.wareing@lep.co.uk