Mystery woman’s acts of kindness around Leyland

The woman left a scratch card in the bread section at Tesco
The woman left a scratch card in the bread section at Tesco
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Residents of Leyland should keep their eyes peeled when they’re out and about – a mystery women is touring the town, dropping off treats for unsuspecting strangers.

A week and a half ago the woman set up Leyland Random Acts of Kindness on social media sites, and has so far left a scratch card in the bread aisle of Tescos, has left change to pay for parking, and has paid for a stranger’s café order.

All that’s known is that she’s a mum-of-two and has lived in the town all her life. She’s even managed to keep the new venture secret from her husband.

“I’ve only told one friend, and that was to see what she thought and to help me come up with ideas”, she said.

“I want to remain anonymous – I’m not interested in any glory, I just hope people enjoy it and inspires others.

“I read about other people doing it elsewhere in the country and I thought why not do it in my local town? I don’t have lots of money, I’m keeping it to simple things, but it’s a nice thing that people aren’t expecting. It’s nice to see how something small can turn someone’s day around.

“I hope that it spreads and other people and maybe schools pick it up.”

The woman said that leaving her first few gifts has been nerve-wracking.

She said: “I’ve felt very conspicuous doing it. In the supermarket I made sure I had a bit of shopping with me and that no-one else was down the aisle, but it felt strange getting things out. But then I thought that people mess about on their phones and with shopping lists all the time. Then at the car park I had no idea how much parking cost. I had an envelope and I had to pretend I was looking at the charges.

“I waited till it was quiet and nobody was looking, then I went and stuck the envelope on the machine. Then I realised I’d forgot to put the money in. Imagine how bad that would have looked!”

At the Cowshed café in Buckshaw Village, her blushed were spared when she discovered they had a metal postbox outside and she pushed through an envelope addressed to the manager, asking them to use the money inside to pay for the next person’s order.

Kerry Booth, who works at The Cowshed, said: “We thought it was absolutely wonderful and we were very pleased to be able to pass the envelope on to two ladies who came in.”

The ladies decided to carry out their own act of kindness by donating the money to Derian House Children’s Hospice. The mystery donor said: “I’m enjoying it and it’s nice to get feedback, but people are bound to be suspicious. I saw a lady go up to the parking meter, look at the envelope and not open it. I’d probably be the same though, wondering what was going on.

“But people should be on the look out, I’m aiming to do this long-term with a few things every week. The hardest part will be coming up with ideas.”