Near-miss accidents as drivers ignore one-way system

South Ribble election candidate'Farington East'Paul Wharton (CONSERVATIVE)
South Ribble election candidate'Farington East'Paul Wharton (CONSERVATIVE)
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Drivers are dangerously flouting a one-way system in Leyland.

Coun Paul Wharton said the issue had been reported to Lancashire County Council as drivers had caused a series of near misses and there were fears for safety.

He said: “This was reported in July and it was allocated for new signage and road markings to be completed by end of Augus.

“The council agreed it wasn’t signed very well and the road markings had disappeared.

“In August, a driver hit a 20mph signpost which was removed for safety.

“To date, there are no new signage or road markings. The 20mph signpost that was removed for safety, as leaning dangerously, is still not replaced.”

He added: “It’s bad enough that Crown Street is offering a ‘free off-road driving experience’ because of the state of it. At least LCC could make it a safe off-roading experience.

“Now I’m told that the job has vanished from the system on LCC online highway reporting system.”

Coun Wharton said he had written to the cabinet member at LCC twice, but had received no response.

He added: “The road is the access route to Farington Primary School onto Rose Street.

“There have been a number of near misses reported and the owner of Farington Chippy has also expressed concerns about near misses involving customers by drivers flouting the one-way system.”

Ridwan Musa, highways manager for Lancashire County Council said action was planned at the site, saying: “We’re are planning to replace the 20mph sign shortly.

“We’re also planning to improve the one-way signs and road markings to make it clearer for drivers using Rose Street.”