New boutique is not a bog standard clothing shop

Christina Seddon is opening Baluga Boutique in Chapel Brow, Leyland
Christina Seddon is opening Baluga Boutique in Chapel Brow, Leyland
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The site of the former public toilets in Leyland town centre has been transformed into a revolutionary new shop.

Plans were passed for the old loos on Chapel Brow to be turned into a new retail unit back in the summer of 2011.

The facilities were closed a number of years earlier as the cost of maintaining them became too much.

Owners of the land, Christina and Michael Seddon, demolished the old building in 2011, after part of it fell down when they were converting the space into a shop, so they rebuilt the unit from scratch.

Now, their ambitions of opening a clothes shop have finally come true, with Christina saying the plans have been a pipe-dream for so long.

The 45-year-old, who has lived in Leyland all of her life, said: “We designed the new building so that it would fit in with the area, and I’m really excited that the plans are finally coming off.

“I can’t wait for it to open.”

The couple also own the popular Baluga bar and club in Preston city centre, and want the shop, aptly named Baluga Boutique, to compliment the successful business.

And creative Christina has combined her two passions - fashion and interior design - to make a go of her dream job. The shop has the same look and feel as the club,” she said.

“I designed the interior of both the club and the shop, and the idea is that people can come to the shop to buy their outfits ready for a night at the bar.

“We’ll be opening the boutique late on Thursday nights as well, so customers can get ready for the weekend.

“I was in interior design before we took over the club, which used to be Cafe Manyana, and I also have a degree in fashion, so it’s a perfect combination.

“My husband runs the club and I’ll be working in the shop – it’s all coming together.”

The shop is almost ready to open, but there have been a few difficulties getting the cash card machine ready.

However, Christina hopes to open the doors to the public sometime this month.

She said: “I wanted to open the shop in Leyland rather than Preston because this is where I live.

“I grew up here and I want to bring something interesting, something a bit different, to the town. I think Leyland needs more retail shops.

“The fact that we’re opening late once a week and running offers for the club from here will just add a bit of interest I think.

“I want to undercut the internet and get people back on to the high street.”

She added that the women’s clothing and shoe store will provide a ‘fun nightclub themed shopping experience’ and will also host fashion shows.

“The idea has been in the works for a while,” Christina said. “We own the land so we built the shop, and I can’t wait to start introducing customers in.”