New bridlepath abused by quad bike riders

The Ulnes Walton Bridleways Association only opened the new multi-use track and bridlepath last month
The Ulnes Walton Bridleways Association only opened the new multi-use track and bridlepath last month

Riders of mini quad bikes are causing havoc on the streets of Moss Side - and abusing a new bridlepath which only opened weeks ago.

Police have received a number of complaints about people driving up and down the pavements and around the Moss Side Playing Fields in recent weeks.

Riders are even using a new footpath and bridleway which is supposed to be used by walkers, horse riders and cyclists, which only opened last month after the Ulnes Walton Bridleways Association managed to raise thousands of pounds for the work.

One resident, who lives in the area but wishes to remain anonymous, told the Guardian: “It’s been happening in the afternoon and early evenings for the past six weeks, and it can be any day of the week.

“It started with a man riding a mini quad bike up and down the pavements in the estates, giving children rides, and then suddenly there were two of them.

“Now, there’s also a motorised scooter, and they all create a lot of noise and smell.

“They’re riding on the new footpath and bridlepath as well, and there is a real danger that they will come across pedestrians or horses.

“The speed they go at, if they swerve to avoid a horse, they could crash into a tree.

“They could cause injury to themselves or others, which is why we want it to be dealt with.

“There is a sign saying there shouldn’t be any motorbikes, but it’s clearly being ignored.”

He added: “Because of the noise and smell, it also means that we can’t enjoy sitting out in the garden, and we’re having to keep all of our windows closed.

“There’s no consistency as to when it happens, which is why I think it’s difficult for the police to track them down.”

The problem is occurring around Ulnes Walton Lane, School Lane, Moss Side Way and the playing fields.

PC David Gaskill, Community Beat Manager for Moss Side in Leyland’s Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “This is really an issue of danger being caused to the public; riding a quad bike on a public footpath where there are dog walkers and horse riders could cause an accident and injury.

“If we catch them, we can issue a warning to the rider and if they’re caught again, the vehicle can be seized.”

If you have any information about the incidents, call the police on 101.