‘New chimneys won’t stop smell’

Farington Waste Technology Park
Farington Waste Technology Park
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A resident has turned his nose up at plans by Leyland’s Waste Technology Park to install taller chimneys.

Global Renewables, based in Farington, has submitted plans to increase the height of five biofilter exhaust stacks and install a regenerative thermal oxidiser, after receiving hundreds of complaints about smells from the site from neighbours.

The proposals are currently under public consultation, and one man has sent a letter of objection.

Stephen Oldham, from Bispham Avenue, said: “Raising the height of the exhaust stacks will not have any effect whatsoever on the odour being emitted.

“The problem of odour should be solved at source (no odour being emitted into the atmosphere).

“More than doubling the height of the stacks will have an adverse effect on residential properties in the immediate area, in terms of appearance and value of properties.”

A spokesman for Global Renewables said in the supporting statement of the planning application: “Increasing the height of the stacks to 25m and installing an RTO will significantly improve the odour management control.

“The proposed height of the stacks is not considered to be visually intrusive with respect to views from the nearest residential properties, when taken in the context of the existing landscape.”