New Leyland Circular hits the road to success

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A trial Leyland bus service is to become permanent from the end of this month.

The service was warmly welcomed as it provided much-needed access to parts of the town left without buses when Stagecoach modified routes it took over after Fishwicks went out of business.

Now Avacab, which warned folk they should ‘use it or lose it’ is making it permanent due to its success.

Kevin Yates, Avacab transport manager, admitted: “It’s a surprise more than anything. It’s better than expected.

“There’s still room for improvement, but on the whole it’s where it needs to be.

“It’s permanent, things change, but it’s a permanent fixture for Leyland.”

He said the firm had received a lot of good feedback from users through letters, cards and emails.

“They’re just saying how good it is, friendly drivers, always on time, they’re bigging it up, it’s really good,” said Mr Yates.

“In a sense it was something that was needed – long may it continue.”

Matthew Tomlinson, Lancashire county councillor for Leyland Central and South Ribble borough councillor for Broadfield, said the news was announced at a meeting of the My Leyland Forum.

He tweeted: “Great news that Avabus Leyland Circular route has been declared a success! Trial period now to be extended. Remember though, use it or lose it,” together with a photograph of the timetable.

He said: “When I’m out and about in Leyland it always seems to be well used and this new service is really welcome for those parts of Leyland that were affected when Fishwick’s went.

“It’s a commercial service, there’s no subsidy. I’m not trying to claim credit for the council, this is a business trying to respond to an important need. If people don’t use it, it will go.

“The impression I’ve got is it’s as permanent as everything is.

“It was definitely a three month trial when it started.”

He said there had already been good feedback about the service from people in Leyland.

“The people that live down the bottom of Broadfield and Earnshaw Bridge, in particular, and Runshaw College students who live at the bottom end of Leyland have welcomed it. It’s good news.”

The service started on December 29.

It is a 40-minute service, a circular around Leyland from 6.30am to 7pm, Monday to Saturday.

It is completely funded through the Avacab group.