New micro pub scene is cause for celebration

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Glasses have been raised to plans for another new micro pub.

And the growing micro pub scene in Chorley and surrounding area in general has been supported.

The application for what used to be Parky’s Sandwich Bar has been sent in to the council by a Michael Barker.

If it gets the go ahead it will join the nearby Shepherd’s Hall Ale House, Chapel Street; Bob Inn, Chorley Market and newly-opened Cockt’Alehouse, Eccleston - Chorley’s band of micro pubs.

Mick Clark, communications officer for the Central Lancashire branch of the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA), said: “I think it’s a good thing in that we’re losing so many pubs, these micro pubs are managing to take their place.

“Nobody wants to lose any pubs at all and some are quite mindless alterations - from licensed premises to the usual story, if you see a pub, knock it down and let’s change it into flats.

“Around the Interchange we’re already going to be losing a pub on the corner due to the ill considered idea for a youth zone. They could have achieved the same thing at a fraction of the costs and still met their objectives.

“I know the Shepherds Hall Alehouse across the way welcome it, as I’m sure the other pubs in the area do.

“It brings people into that part of town and from a community point of view, people don’t have to walk very far from the Interchange.

“It’s worth pointing out, it’s not a new thing, it’s centuries old, going back to what pubs used to be like generations ago.

“It’s shows Chorley’s a thriving place and this new micro pub won’t be the last, I’m sure.

“We’ve already got one in Eccleston and the Market Ale House in Leyland and rumours of another one coming up and there’s two in the Preston area, so it looks like it’s a trend that’s going to continue.”