New scheme to help people in South Ribble budget better

South Ribble Council budget advisor Mary Villers
South Ribble Council budget advisor Mary Villers
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A special team of budget advisors has been appointed by South Ribble Council to offer residents free guidance about financial issues.

Originally introduced as part of the Government’s Universal Credit Scheme, the fully trained advisors are now offering help to all residents across the borough, not just those on benefits.

They are working through people’s income and outgoings to help residents budget more effectively, balance the books and get bills in order.

They can also offer advice on reducing bills, grants that may be available, and can link people up with other services offering help in South Ribble.

Coun Phil Hamman, the council’s cabinet member for shared services and corporate support, said: “Times are hard for lots of people at the moment and that’s why we have rolled out this free budgeting advice service to all of our residents, not just those who receive benefits.

“Our excellent team of budget advisors can help you to look at how much money you have coming in and what you are spending it on.

“They can offer advice on running a household budget, give you tips on how to shave money off your everyday bills and help you make the money you have stretch a little further.

“If you’re feeling the pinch financially then I would urge you to set up an appointment with our advisors and give them the challenge of saving you a few pounds each week.

“It’s a free, confidential service and might just give you some solutions you hadn’t thought of.”

More information is available by contacting the Gateway team on 01772 421491, or calling into the Civic Centre.