Nothing ‘untoward’ about girl being approached

A school girl was approached near the Railway pub car park in Farington, Leyland, but the incident is not being treated as a 'concern'
A school girl was approached near the Railway pub car park in Farington, Leyland, but the incident is not being treated as a 'concern'
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Police investing an incident where a schoolgirl was appraoched on Stanifield Lane in Leyland said ‘nothing untoward’ was found to have taken place.

A dedicated team of officers investigating reports of attempted child abductions in Leyland and Chorley have sent out extra patrols in the areas, but said the reported Leyland case which took place on November 16 ‘gave no grounds for concern and has been found not to be connected with the investigation’.

Officers are now looking into a total of three reports of suspicious activity in the Chorley area; one on Preston Road, one in Beaconsfield Terrace, and one near to Cloverfield in Clayton-le-Woods, where school children, both boys and girls, have apparently been approached by men in cars and have either been offered a lift or have been asked for directions.

On each of the occasions the children have come to no harm, but were left shaken and upset by their experience.

Inspector Dave Robinson, from Chorley Police, said: “Understandably the public are going to be alarmed and concerned by these reports, and further by rumours circulating on social media sites, and we are doing our best to reassure our local communities that we are doing all we can.

“Our priority at the moment is to establish the exact circumstances around each of the reports that have been made to us so far.

“I must stress that we are taking all reports made to us extremely seriously and have a dedicated team of officers following up every allegation that is made to us.

“However, in order for us to be able to put the most resources into investigating and getting to the bottom of these allegations, it is really important that people report to us first-hand instances of concerning suspicious behaviour, and to try and avoid repeating gossip and third hand information.”

He added: “I would reassure the public that we have a team of officers looking into this matter and patrols have been stepped up.

“Our neighbourhood policing teams are also out in force across Chorley, Leyland and the surrounding areas and should anyone have any concerns then I would urge them to speak to their local officers.

“Neighbourhood Policing Officers will continue to maintain strong links with schools to discuss any developments and where appropriate further information will be released via the appropriate channels.

“Parents are advised to discuss any concerns they or their children have with the school, and take sensible precautions in relation to ensuring the safety of their children travelling to and from school.”