Now it’s ‘time’ for fish ‘n’ chips

The Queen Vic
The Queen Vic
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The Queen Vic

There was a time not too long ago when I may well have been drinking the odd pint or three in the exact spot where pieces of cod now sizzle in boiling fat.

The Queen Vic pub is one of many in Preston which have now sadly called ‘time’ for good.

But the story here at least has a happy ending.

And the story is only just beginning.

Instead of the usual fate of disused pubs to either stand empty and boarded up or being turned into bedsits, the Queen Vic in Moor Lane has been converted into a proper old fashioned fish ‘n’ chip shop –and a very nice one, too.

We popped in a few days after the business opened – and trade had been reportedly brisk.

“We opened on Friday. It’s been hectic since then,” said the man frying my order of fish and chips and sausage and chips.

They may have been busy but the quality still shone through from the off.

The batter on my fish was tasty and well cooked while the white fish was firm, juicy and delicious – just as it should be. The chips had that nice old fashioned taste and went down very well.

My daughter’s sausage and chips was a major success.

The sausage itself was bursting with flavour and we were only disappointed we didn’t order two of them.

The mushy peas, gravy and curry sauce all did their job well.

The decor inside The Queen Vic is modern and is appointed to a high standard with tiled murals . There is seating inside and outside.

We were very pleased with our meal and will surely be returning in the future.

It may be new but hopefully this establishment has many years ahead of it.