Nursery kids home in on colouring prize

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With some help from Bellway Homes, Adlington Community Nursery successfully launched its spring colouring competition at Grove Farm.

A group of 23 children from the nursery, aged three and four, visited the development on Railway Road, taking inspiration from the site and its two stylish showhomes to create colourful works of art.

Sharon Hamilton, manager at Adlington Community Nursery, said: “We wanted the colouring competition to take place in the stunning showhomes at Grove Farm as we hoped the inspiring decor of the properties would bring out the Picasso in the pupils.

“The change of scenery from the nursery was most useful for this project.

“It was also a positive learning experience for the children who have watched with great interest Bellway Homes start to build at Grove Farm, as the development is situated close to the nursery’s play area.

“The children have been using building bricks in the classroom to build towers so to see how bricks are used in real life to build houses was very educational.

“It was great for the children to see the houses inside and appreciate the different styles.”

Jenny Bell, sales director designate at Bellway Homes, said: “It was a pleasure to welcome Adlington Community Nursery to Grove Farm.

“We were thrilled to hear that the children had been watching the development’s progress and wanted to visit the site to see first-hand houses being built.

“With two showhomes at the development, both beautifully dressed and styled, it is a great place to host a master class colouring competition. We hope the children enjoyed their trip to Grove Farm – they certainly brought some colourful cheer to the development.”

Grove Farm is located in a semi rural setting in Adlington.

Prices start from £118,496. For further information or to arrange a viewing of the showhomes please contact Bellway Homes on 01257 474836 or visit