Park walk horror as pet suffers dog attack

Margaret and Richard Jones's dog Jess, who was attacked as they were on a walk
Margaret and Richard Jones's dog Jess, who was attacked as they were on a walk
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A grandmother has told of her horror after her beloved pet pooch was attacked by two dogs during a walk.

Margaret Jones, 67, and her husband Richard, 65, from Croston Road, Farington Moss, were walking their three-year-old Beagle Jess in Yarrow Valley Park on Wednesday.

She was on a lead, but two other dogs – a white Staffordshire bull terrier and a black grey hound cross – were not, and attacked the small dog.

Margaret, who described the incident as ‘very distressing’, said: “A lady was coming towards us with two dogs and they just charged at Jess.

“Before we knew it, the white one got her by the neck.

“I’ve never heard a dog scream before, but she was so traumatised.

“I have never witnessed anything so horrific.

“I was screaming, and the other dog bit her on her back.

“My husband managed to pick her up but the white one still had her by the throat – there was blood everywhere.

“She still has teeth marks on her neck and she is still bleeding.”

Margaret, who moved to Leyland three months ago to be closer to her daughter and family, added: “The woman managed to get them on leads, but she said they weren’t hers and she was looking after them for someone else.

“She said she would meet us at the car park so she could arrange to pay the vets’ bills, but she wasn’t there when we got back to the car.

“We asked in the cafe and the park ranger’s office to see if she’d left her details, but she hadn’t.”

The grandmother-of-three says owners should always keep their pets on leads.

“I know dogs need exercise,” she said.

“But you should make sure your garden is big enough for your dog, and keep it on a lead when you’re out in public.

“That would do away with these kinds of incidents.

“It’s really put me off going out with her to places where people are allowed to let their dogs off leads.

“We’ve been to Worden Park and Cuerden Valley Park and not had any problems, but I hate to think what could have happened if we had had our young grandchildren with us.”