Parking worries for parents of triplets

Tony Presland and his partner Shelley Waddilove, who is pregnant with triplets, from Newsome Street in Leyland
Tony Presland and his partner Shelley Waddilove, who is pregnant with triplets, from Newsome Street in Leyland
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A couple expecting triplets are tired of having to wait more than half an hour for a parking space outside their own house.

Tony Presland, age 32, and Shelley Waddilove, 36, live in Newsome Street off Hough Lane in Leyland town centre.

They have a parking permit to use the allocated parking spaces on one side of the road, but shoppers are also allowed to leave their cars there too.

Now, with three babies on the way, the pair are worried about how they will cope when they can’t get a spot on their street.

Tony said: “I’ve had to wait up to 40 minutes for a space in the past, so we often just leave the car in a car park nearby, and walk to our house from there.

“If one of us has shopping to unload, we’ll do it quickly from the street and then pay 80p to use one of the car parks.

“When a space comes up, we go and get the car then, but it’ll be difficult to do that when we have the children.”

Shoppers can park for free on the road for an hour, which Tony doesn’t mind.

He just wants to be guaranteed a space himself when he comes home.

“I feel it’s a bit unfair,” he said. “I want to be able to park outside my own house.

“I’ve lived here for six years and have never worried about it before, but with Shelley’s due date looming, it is becoming a concern.

“The long-term plan is for us to move house when we can afford to, but if the parking issue was resolved, we wouldn’t really feel the need to move at all.”

As there is only room for drivers to park on one side of the two-way street, Tony thinks a good idea would be to make it a one-way system, to allow people to park on both sides of the road.

That way, he says, one side could be reserved for residents with parking permits, and the other side could be used by shoppers.

He said: “We only have one car ourselves, and we pay about £26 a year for a permit, so we have no problem with other people using the street too.

“I just wish there was enough room for everyone.

“It’s constantly busy, but it’s worse between 12 and 3pm.

“There are a few other families on our street too, so I think they would benefit from this idea as well.”

The one-way system would mean that traffic could go down Newsome Street from Hough Lane, onto Herbert Street, and then back towards the town centre.

Rachel Crompton, Lancashire County Council’s highways manager for South Ribble, said: “If this resident contacts us, we are very happy to discuss it with him and consider options for helping him and his neighbours.”