Pensioner found guilty of death by careless driving

Anne Cole
Anne Cole
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A pensioner whose car mounted the pavement and killed a Leyland woman out walking her dog has been found guilty of causing death by careless driving.

Anne Cole, 69, denied the charge at Preston Crown Court, claiming she could have been suffering a diabetic episode, rendering her unable to control the vehicle. But a jury found her guilty.

She will be sentenced on November 17.

The court heard Cole failed to give way to a 32-ton truck on a mini-roundabout in Leyland, veered up on to the footpath and smashed into pedestrian Hazel I’Anson, throwing her high into the air and then into a garden wall.

The 51-year-old suffered catastrophic head injuries and died a short time later.

The prosecution claimed Cole had been involved in a near-miss moments earlier at another mini-roundabout further down the same road.

Later she claimed the fatal collision had been caused by her car being struck from the side by the lorry, causing it to mount the pavement.

But witnesses and accident investigators said there had been no such collision.

Cole, of Downham Road, Leyland, told the court she had been “horrified” when she learned she had killed a pedestrian.

“I would never hurt anybody,” she said.