People have their say on future of Leyland

Leyland LDF map
Leyland LDF map
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Residents are getting increasingly worried about traffic problems and too many houses being built in South Ribble, it has been revealed.

More than 360 individual representations were made by the public, housebuilders, landowners and community organisations during the most recent phase of the council’s Local Development Framework (LDF).

The LDF outlines areas in the borough which the council envisages should be developed or protected in the next 15 years.

This includes allocating land for housing, employment sites, and green spaces.

People were given one last chance to put their views forward on the proposals in recent months.

Comments included:

- Moss Side Test Track, earmarked for residential and employment uses:

“I represent a group of 40 very disappointed older people who reside at Hazel House Nursing Home. If these plans go ahead as proposed, the peaceful end phase of life for a large number of vulnerable older people will be instantly destroyed ... their freedom will be severely restricted by a substantial increase in the volume of traffic, including heavy goods vehicles, and noise levels.”

- Land west of Croston Road, Farington Moss:

“We feel that developing the site with a proposed 650 homes and any relevant amenities would be the final straw for us as we moved to Leyland 11 years ago to a lovely tranquil spot. There are many new homes available on development areas in and around Leyland which appear to be struggling to sell so why is it deemed necessary to build 650 homes in this area?”

“Increasing the population of the area will only serve to increase the number of unemployed or the number of cars on the road for people to commute out of the area to work.”

“Leyland already has very little green space but South Ribble seem bent on joining us to Preston with all the houses going up along the by-pass.”

“Farington Moss is on a flood plain, there are ditches and bankings in the area to prevent flooding including Bannister Lane where we live. If a development like this is allowed to go ahead, where is this excess water going to go?”

“This development will turn out to be another Buckshaw Village where there are still many houses left to sell.

“Is Leyland suddenly to become a boomtown for employment? I think not.”

“There are insufficient school places to accommodate the potential influx of children the proposed developments could bring. There is currently nothing for families to do at weekends; no places to go, no entertainment facilities, and no proposals to create any.”

- Land between Altcar Lane and Shaw Brook Road (space for 430 homes):

“On two occasions in the last 18 months since we have lived on Leyland Lane, our garden to the rear has suffered severe flooding when we have had sustained downpours ... if this development goes ahead I can only see it being more serious and more frequent, as there will be very little open ground to absorb the rainfall.”

“This land is a vital part of the ecology surrounding Worden Park. It is home to an abundance of breeding wildlife including bats, kestrels, pheasants, woodpeckers, nuthatches and owls as well as foxes, squirrels, field mice and probably numerous other hidden species. Building on this local land would restrict this enjoyment.”

- Land west of Leyland Business Park, Farington, and land off Grasmere Avenue, Leyland:

“As landowners of the Farington Hall Estate we support the identification of both sites for development. Thy are highly sustainable being within walking distance of a range of shops, schools and services and have access to a range of transport.”

All of the representations will be sent to the Secretary of State for approval.

If necessary, final amendments will be made before the council formally adopts the masterplan next year.

The LDF relates to sites in South Ribble which could be developed, but developers wanting to build on the land will still have to submit detailed planning applications.

Residents will then have the opportunity to comment on individual plans before the usual planning process.