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New Post Office is opening at McColl's in Farington
New Post Office is opening at McColl's in Farington
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Campaigners are celebrating the launch of a new Post Office in Farington.

At at time when town’s and villages nationwide are losing their Post Offices due to closures – many never to be reinstated – the new service in Farington will launch in March.

It will be based at McColl’s on Clifton Parade, Bristol Avenue – the former Spar shop.

Just over a year ago, South Ribble Borough councillor Paul Wharton conducted a survey on the need for a Post Office in Farington.

Councillor Wharton, leader of South Ribble independents, who represents Farington East, said: “Well after quite a bit of campaigning and lots of letters we are getting one.” He added: “I’m delighted that hard work and perseverance has paid off, and residents will be able to benefit from having the services they need local to them.

“This has been on the radar for over twelve months now and I’m sure will be welcomed by the residents of Farington East.”

Councillor Wharton explained that he launched survey after door-knocking feedback from residnts.

“I put a survey out asking if people wanted a Post Office, what hours, what services. It came back overwhelmngly people wanted something in Farington.”

He said the Spar shop on Bristol Avenue was seen as a popular location, but it was sold, with McColl’s moving in.

However, the campaign continued and was successful.

“It’s normally people having services cut,” said councillor Wharton, who said he received lots of positive feedback about the move through social media.

“There was some fantastic feedback,” he said.

“I’m really pleased, particularly for the elderly. Their nearest one was Hough Lane to get their pensions, and asking them to walk sometimes, it’s not easy for them. It’s a massive success story.”

Local people took to social media to express their delight. Natasha Jayne said: “This is absolutely fantastic! Would have been nice to see it back in its original spot on Stanifield Lane, but I’m not complaining! Excellent work.”

Jackie Higginbotham posted: “We fought long and hard years ago for a local post office so brill to get one back again”

Carolyn Wilson added: “Brilliant news.”

The new Post Office will open on March 16 at 1pm.

The service will be one of the Post Office’s local style branches with a low-screened, open-plan service point carefully integrated into the retail counter.

Customers will be able to carry out a wide range of transactions alongside retail purchases.

Councillor Roy Clarke, chairman of Farington Parish Council, said: “Any new Post Office is a blessing in this day and age, especially for the elderly people, they don’t have to go into Leyland.

“It’s a jolly good idea.”

Post Office spokesperson said: “As part of an exciting modernisation and investment programme taking place across the Post Office network, a brand new Post Office will open at McColls, 1-5 Clifton Parade, Farington, Leyland PR25 4YU next month.

“The new branch aims to offer even more convenience to Post Office customers by extending the availability of Post Offices services in Leyland.”