Sorry, but Windrush victims deserve more says Preston group

Preston group co-founders Glenda Andrew and Sekeena Kydd with MP Sir Mark Hendrick
Preston group co-founders Glenda Andrew and Sekeena Kydd with MP Sir Mark Hendrick

The Government’s long-awaited public apology for the Windrush scandal should be the start, not the finish, according to victims in Preston.

A group set up in the city to support those affected by Whitehall’s handling of the affair believes that while Home Secretary Priti Patel’s “sorry” in the Commons this week was a welcome step, it will take “an awful lot more” to put things right.

“They have to go much further now,” said Glenda Andrew, the co-founder of the Preston Windrush Generation and Descendants group.

“There are still lots of things that need to be corrected.

“An apology in Parliament is a welcome start, but that’s all it is, a start. Let’s get this sorted now, once and for all.”

The Preston group is part of a national body which has been pushing for justice for Britain’s black African-Caribbean population for the “serious harm” inflicted on people in the Windrush scandal.

A review found the Home Office displayed elements of “institutional racism” in the “ignorant, thoughtless and careless” way it dealt with the Windrush generation.

Glenda said: “Even now people need to come forward. We still need to find out who all these people are who have been affected. But some haven’t because they don’t trust the Home Office.

“The report of the review said the Home Office showed aspects of institutional racism over Windrush.

"That hostile environment has created fear. The Government needs to give everyone affected their status (British) and their British passport.

"And they should also be sorting out compensation right away.”