Playground petition could lead to new Friends group

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A petition for a new playground on a piece of open space in Leyland has been launched

A petition for a new playground on a piece of open space in Leyland has been launched.

The online petition which is being sent to South Ribble Borough Council - for the land off Bent Lane - has received more than 300 signatures so far.

It was started by mum Joanne Hindle-Taylor, who said she would really like the area developed for youngsters.

Joanne said: “I really do feel a playground is needed on the green space just off Bent Lane. An area which used to have a playground, all that’s left is a random tyre swing.

“There are a lot of children around this area.

“A playground would encourage children to tear themselves away from TV or games console and ‘go outside and play’ instead.

“Children are hardly seen playing out - probably because there’s no incentive to do so.

“A playground would definitely change this.

“There’s enough green space for a playground. The rest of the space can still be used by dog walkers - there’s plenty of room for both.”

The petition on the campaigning website is seeking to get at least 500 signatures.

Joanne, a mother of two children, Isabel, six and Edie, two, who lives on Balmoral Drive, Leyland, also used the Leyland Memotries Facebook page to get her campaign message out there.

She said: “I’ve always gone past the land and thought, what a shame, what a waste.

“Isabel said she would love it to be a play area.”

She added: “There are a lot of children around there but you don’t see them.”

The mum met representatives of South Ribble Borough Council yesterday who said they would support her in an attempt to set up a Friends of Bent Lane group.

Meanwhile a number of messages of support for the idea have come in through social media.

Colin Baxendale replied saying: “Had many good times on there years ago, it’s recreational and should stay that way.”

Sharon Marshall said: “I’ve signed. Grew up around here.

“Sad it’s been left to decline (like most of our green spaces).

“Time the government stopped bleating on about obesity and sedentary life styles and put their money where their mouth is.”